Finally, an EASY and EFFECTIVE way to PROMOTE and GROW your business!

Finally, an easy and effective way to promote and grow your business!

Learn how to maximize the unlimited power of Social Media Marketing to find, connect and develop relationships with your key contacts and prospects.

Download a FREE copy of our “LinkedIn Tips” eBook in seconds and enjoy our inspiring Branding Tips and Strategies and learn how to make your business and career thrive!

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Let us show you the best ways to set up your social media strategy for maximum visibility and profitability. Using our proven brand development process, you’ll soon become known as THE expert and the go-to person in your field.

Learn how to harness the unlimited power of Social Selling to find, connect and develop relationships with your key contacts and prospects… We’ll show you how to create top-of-mind awareness and make you the first person your prospects think of when they want and need your products and services.

Hire Terry Sullivan to train your sales, marketing and leadership teams. He’ll give you practical hands-on, street-smart advice, strategies and tips that you and your team can immediately put to use to build trust with you're your key prospects and clients.

BUZZ is valuable only when it drives results!

Terry’s keynote and training presentations have led more than 17,000 in-person clients to expand their influence and grow their businesses

When qualified prospects reach out to you. When qualified prospects welcome your call. When the value of your influence grows with your target audience. Consider this – It’s not important for YOU to know people; it’s far more important for people to KNOW YOU! People who want your input, your insights and your product or service. People who value… YOU.

Business leaders who demand results are calling BuzzPro. They want our expertise and they value the Branding, Social Media Marketing and Social Selling Solutions that nationally-recognized Terry Sullivan provides. They expect and demand Revenue Growth and the Profits that follow that growth.

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Founder & CEO

Terry provided some “silver bullet” insights to my UPtv leadership team that are helping us make a big difference with our company’s LinkedIn visibility and effectiveness. I highly recommend attending one of his training sessions or workshops. He’s a Social selling guru!

Charles Humbard UPtv

Co-Founder & Business Owner

Terry helped our sales and marketing team truly understand how to create a memorable LinkedIn digital brand and use the advanced LinkedIn Social Selling features to find new prospects and clients. While I was skeptical about LinkedIn at first, Terry's training presentations were engaging and tailored to meet our company’s specific branding and client prospecting needs. I highly recommend you reach out to Terry and his team to find out how he can help you and your team enhance your online brand and get more clients!



A huge thank you to Terry and BuzzPro for the most valuable LinkedIn Social Selling training he provided to Chemical Information Services! Terry showed our sales organization the in's and out's of Social Selling in a most engaging training session. We all know there is a goldmine of data out there, but how do we make the most of it to land more clients? Terry showed us how to do exactly that plus creating an optimized profile, developing your online brand and other easy Social Selling strategies for networking on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Thank you, Terry!

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